Didier Ciambra

Didier, an award winning photographer, was born in Africa, educated in England and France. He has traveled throughout Africa, India, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Far East, the Pacific region and the United States of America.

He has trekked the Annapurnas & Mount Everest in Nepal, lived with the shamans in the rain forests of Sumatra and sailed across the Pacific on a 37ft Catamaran.

An accomplished scuba diver, he volunteered for research on Whale Sharks in Western Australia, as a Dive Master diving  many of the world‘s remotest locations.

He arrived in the USA in 1996 and now lives with his son, Luca, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Didier finds inspiration in the world around him and in his son. The world is a canvas ...

702 232 6048

We are as prisms through which shines the white light of the Divine,
Engaging us in a rainbow of infinite possibilities.
Art is the objective expression of the spiritual Self.
We are all artists and our greatest work of art is You and I.

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