SINGLES - Didier Ciambra
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Sunrise Celebration

I took this photo very early in the morning in Death Valley National Park. The unusual cloud formation really jumped out at me and it was stunning the way the light hit the foreground.

I was a novice at the time, having just bought my first SLR and this was one of the first photos I took. I decided to use it as an opportunity to learn. I basically teased these colors out in post-production using Lightroom & Photoshop, not really knowing what I was doing, falling in love with the whole creative process - every photo a prototype!

In 2012, I submitted it to the 3rd Annual Art of Expression competition held by Outdoor Photographer Magazine and I was honored to win first prize in the category "All About Light," especially considering the talent of the competing photographers and their submissions.

I am very grateful as this photo sent me on the path I walk today.

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