ABOUT - Didier Ciambra

Didier Ciambra

I have a passion for photography.

I love the whole experience. The journey of discovery is as rewarding to me as taking the photograph.

I take my photos quickly, trusting my eye to capture the moment as I experience it. I am in awe of the beauty of nature and the dialogue I have with her is the reason for my love of landscape photography.

However, when you live a moment intensely, there is almost no recollection of it except for the residual ripples of the emotions that one experienced. It is through the process of meditation, the re-membering, that one is then able to harvest the moment.

It is in the meditation of post-production that I am able to reveal the expression of my art and my love of photography.

My darkroom is Adobe Lightroom. This is where I express myself - the eye is so much more powerful than whatever the camera is able to capture.

Creating the depth and visual impact becomes an exercise in memory for me; a meditation of fine tuning color saturation, contrast and light balance in such a way as to explore the emphasis on a reality, a truth as I experienced it at the time I took the photograph.

When I have achieved the visual balance that seduces my eye, the moment is captured, an expression of my experienced when I took it.

What is fascinating about this process to me is that while digital allows for easy replication, every photo is a prototype - the product of a moment in time, whose expression is defined by the emotion captured in post-production and my memory of it.

I use two Panasonic GH1 cameras with a collection of zoom and prime Lumix lens.

I took up photography about 4 years ago and am learning all the time. I am still a novice in terms of technique, but passionate about my art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

The world is a canvas.

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